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JUNE 7th at 1:00PM at Grand Central Station.

questions comments etc ASK AWAY.

i HATE you.

FUCK THIS ALL. i'm sick of your shit, fuck you.


You dont fucking think about anyone's goddam feelings. How the FUCK do you think I feel at this goddamn moment? Should I be angrier at you for being a cunt or him for breaking my heart? I'm not sure. You two can both read this. To you-Fuck you. To him-I don't know what to say.


Oh my god. I got a new phone......... PLEASE CALL ME/TEXT ME @ EVERYONE!!!!! I want to get used to using it it's so fun! It's an LG Voyager... So it's a touch screen typing AND a keypad.  The camera is gorgeous on it. I took this in a fucking car... Check this out:

Comment to this post and I will give you 5 subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given.

Tagged by hitsuuji.

My favorite character of Persona 4. He's complex, realistic, and portrays society. In fact, in my opinion, he's an
allegory for society. Without any spoilers. To sum it up: He's amazing.
I love cosplaying! I just wish I was good at it... I started off cosplaying when I was like. 7 when my sister
dressed me up as Ken Ichijouji from Digimon, hahaha. I've really been trying to get better, though. I wish I
was talented enough...
Aha... ahaha... I'm really hyper... Ahahaha.......... It's probably because I'm forced to be so serious
Sunday-Friday and that sucks. I end up having all this leftover energy and you guys have to like. Deal with it...
I'm sorry.
I love conventions!! I just wish they weren't so expensive to get in... I love seeing everyone there and all the
people at the cons are so happy and that makes me happy also! My first convention ever was AnimeNEXT or
like. Big Apple Con... or something. I don't remember. But I was young. Hahaha!
cool hair!!
R-Really?! O-Oh my gosh. Hahaha. Whenever I'm bored, I always just hop into the bathroom and just do
something to my hair.. Bleach it, dye it, highlight it, cut it, trim it, chop it all, ext. I used to have long hair until I
realized how ugly it looked on me, personally. I wish I had super-silky Asian hair, though. *Sighs*



Monday Get Together - All Invited

This Monday
[time not decided] I decided to be like, "LOL. I DIDN'T GET TO SEE YOU GUYS AT ALL DURING THE CON." [Yeah. All of you on my LJ list didn't get to spend enough time.] So yeah. This Monday I'm meeting a few friends [misotok, hibarik_youya, bianchi?, ext.] at Kinokuniya-Manhattan, NY, if you guys want to come, please do! Everyone is welcome. Bring all your friends. This isn't even a meet up. It's just like, "Yo. I'm bored. Lets chill, guys."

We could end up going to kalaoke, chilling in Chinatown, ext.

If you want, shoot me a call:
(203) 273-7097

If you need directions, ext. I'll try my best to give them to you. I'm probably going to cosplay... 

Oh! And
- Happy Valentines day.

merry christmas!


I'm grateful to have met all you. Thank you so much. I hope to become a better person for the New Year.

Dec. 10th, 2008

[That's Kanye West and Tom Cruise, by the way.]

Happy Thanksgiving-Stalker issues.

I hope you all had a great one. ^ ^

I need advice.

I have a stalker. He's calling me non stop, Iming me, saying creepy shit. What do I do? I dont know him personally and I'm too pussy to call 911. I don't want my mother knowing about this. I'm so scared. What do I do...

Also, when is the Reborn get together? Is it this weekend? Because I kind of really have to fucking know because my friend from Taiwan is coming and I think she can cosplay Lal. So. Yeah.

PS. I go on LJ at least 5 times a week. I am VERY active, I just don't adore commenting. But I am reading your entries.




It was nice seeing you guysin the Reborn! Halloween get together. Thank you Zettashucks and LazyDummy for running it, thank you ALL for tolerating me. I wish the two Jess's could come.

HAYY GUIIIIIIIIZ. HAPPY HALLOWEEN. I'm going to forgot on Halloween/Busy.

Everyone... Finally! PARANOIA MEME!

Everyone!! HERE IS FINALLY the Paranoia Meme!

Paranoia Meme HERE!!Collapse )

THIS TOOK ME FOREVER TO WRITE. AUUUGH. I think I added everyone, though! If I missed you, please tell me! ^^



I'm slow, I'm sorry. But if you're reading this, THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH!!!!!!!! I had a lot of fun and I'm so glad to have seen so many of you. <3

NOW... Today Hayato-kun and I dressed up as:
SPANNER - Hayato
Byakuran - Me.

Doing.. The Freecreditreport.com song... My webcam is really stupid. Augh. But anyhow. ENJOY!